sábado, 28 de abril de 2007

La Puerto Rico

La Puerto Rico es una vieja confiteria en el centro antiguo de Buenos Aires donde a la noche hay espectaculos de tango y flamenco

"La Puerto Rico" is an old bar located in the historic Buenos Aires district with night flamengo and tango shows.

Horizon Kompakt TMAX400+HC110

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Strangetastes dijo...

Alejandro - this photo is strinkingly similar in composition to one posted a couple of days ago by the CDPB in Auckland, New Zealand, looking at a Borders bookstore in a shopping mall. Your picture is more successful because it is more personal. I like the point of view set just above table top level. I would enjoy seeing a "before and after," with a second picture of the cafe full of people. Again, nice work.

By the way, I was just skimming your earlier Leica shots. I don't do film but my friends who do all love Leicas. It's greatest endorsement is that it was Cartier-Bresson's camera.


Guillermo dijo...

Estoy un poco vago y yo se que vos te recopas. Me explicas como haces para sacar fotos con esa camara revelar y todo eso, y que te quede una foto larga? porq un negativo largo no es.
pero yo soy burro. i do digital jajaja

saludos, excelentes fotos, como siempre.

PD: mi XT no se mueve de B&W, aunq salgan mal :P

ale dijo...

Thanks Bob! I could not find the picture in the Auckland blog...


ale dijo...

Hola Guillermo.
El negativo ES mas grande, es de 24x58mm en lugar de 24x36mm
Fue tomado con una camara panoramica Horizon fabricada en Rusia, fijate en las entradas antiguas que hay un comentario.
Es un formato muy interesante.

Strangetastes dijo...

Ale - this the one I had in mind:


It was posted on 24 April.


Fabrizio ikol22 dijo...

I imagine how great should listen and to see dance tango in that bar

Mandy dijo...

I haven't seen those sugar-bowls on a table for a long time.

ale dijo...

To Bob: it is a ver y beautiful picture. That one was produced stiching two or more images, mine was made using a tru panorama camera. But I like both results. Regards!

To Fabrizio: thanks fot visit my blog. Yo must know argentinians are not very like to go to tang shows, most of them are made for tourist and they´re not real tango.

To Mandy: they´re curiosities here too. La Puerto Rico is a very old bar, I think about 1900 (no in the same building) and they´re keeping those details as memorabilia. I like it! Thanks for stoping by!