jueves, 13 de marzo de 2008

Calle Florida / Florida St

Rollei 35

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Strangetastes dijo...

I found Calle Florida hard to photograph when I visited your city. It is narrow and crowded; the picture frame gets very busy. Good job here. You know what to look for.

ale dijo...

Thanks you!
It was near 7pm, less people in the street. At noon it is impossible even to walk

Compulsiones dijo...

Lo trivial tiene siempre más fuerza que lo elaborado, la espontaneidad.


ale dijo...



Compulsiones tu comentario me llena de orgullo!

Fliss and Mike Adventures dijo...

I don't really have that many photos of when I was in Buenos Aires but I thought it was a very interesting city... would love to visit again and many times I walked up and down this street... take care