martes, 15 de julio de 2008

La Boca

Fujifilm GA645zi

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Barbara dijo...

Nice black and white..Hello..just stopped by to look. Cheers from West Sacramento Photo of the Day.

Julie dijo...

Age and decay are best done in B&W, I suspect. This is a grand image of a harbour past its prime. The two house boats (?) in the foreground are quite delightful - as is the rubbish in the water.
I am considering trying B&W but hesitate as all I would be doing is stripping the colour out - not the same at all.

babooshka dijo...

The most indutrial bleak image comes to life in your hands. The best b&w are on your blog.

ale dijo...

Thank you so much!

This is the Riachuelo, an extremely poluted river that cross the La Boca neighboorhod. Those are industrial boats, no houses. Impossible to live there.

Thank yo agani!