sábado, 30 de agosto de 2008


Canon EOS 5D, EF 24-105 L

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Julie dijo...

I will take the next 3 images as a series: daddy, mummy and grandpa. You have taken them with a camera that I do not recall your having used before.

You have this ability to convey with an image exactly what you are thinking about - and somehow you manage to show this in your focussing which is very sharp on your target and just that tiny bit blurred off the target. Very clever photography.

I do like you blog.

ale dijo...

Thanks Julie!

As you surely know I barely answer comments to my photos, but I feel I need to answer your kindly comment this time.

You're very sharp, the 3 photos were took last saturday with a camera I bought last friday. It is digital, no film like the others.

I do like the results as well. I am exciting about its posibilities, it is the first digital camera that inspire me.

Thanks a lot for your visits I hope I will not dissapoint you. Keep comming every day

Best regards