lunes, 20 de julio de 2009


Horizon S202

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Randy dijo...

Beautiful blog. I love that it is all Black and White.

Leif Hagen dijo...

Beautiful photo! My twin brother's name is Luther so I'm curious how the building got its name of "Lutherapia?"

ale dijo...

Thanks Randy!

Ltherapia is a show performed by Les Luthiers a local music and humor group

Best regards!

Molly dijo...

Leif, let me explain. Lutherapia isn't that building's name, but the name of Les Luthiers latest show. A "Luthier" is someone who makes his own musical instruments, and "Les Luthiers" is a great band which mixes music and humor beatutifully.
You'll probably agree that laughter is the best medicine, I would add "Les Luthiers is the best medicine". And that's where the name of the show comes from: "Les Luthiers" + "terapia" (therapy) equals "Lutherapia".
I hope I was useful XD

¡¡Muy buen blog!! Te invito a pasar por el mío.