martes, 26 de junio de 2007

Bombos / drums

Fujifilm GA645i

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Strangetastes dijo...

Ale - one of your best photos lately. It has a dynamic feeling not only from the drums but also the scattered leaflets in front of the marchers. The funny and ironic bit is that they are lined up in front of estacionamiento, parking in English. These men are NOT parking.

Was this a parade and what was the occasion? I see from the sign on the garage entrance that it was in the city center.


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ale dijo...

Hi Bob!
The photo was took last week during a strike of the phone companies workers asking for a payroll raise, in Corrientes Ave, one of the most centric places un Buenos Aires.

ps dijo...

I love this photo of the men and the drums. It has so much energy in it.

Hoo dijo...
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