jueves, 7 de junio de 2007

Deci whiskyyyy / Say cheeeeeeeeeese

Fujifilm GA645i TMAX100 TMAX

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Anónimo dijo...

The portal picture is small and I tried to figure out what it represented and all that came to mind in a row of urinals.

Obviously this is totally unlike my thought. They don't look like urinals at all.

It is a nice shot in black and white.

Abraham Lincoln
Remember "The World's Ugliest Cat?" He got a haircut!
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Strangetastes dijo...

Ah ha! I found you yesterday.

The police in Argentina are a somewhat frightening. They have played a bad role in your country's history at times. A couple of years my wife and I rented a car in Mendoza. I made an illegal left turn without knowing it and was pulled over by a big group of policemen (lots of people seemed to be making the same improper turn and the police were stopping all of them). My wife was terrified - she thought she might never see me again. I speak a little Spanish but I kept telling them, "Lo siento, senor, pero no entiendo. Hablo un poquito Espanol, un poquito." After a while, they sent me on my way. Maybe they decided that I wasn't worth the trouble, that I didn't understand Spanish well enough to, shall we say, offer them something for their trouble.


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ale dijo...

Yes Bob, you´re right. Argentinian police is among the most corrupted in the world. Better far than near!