jueves, 3 de mayo de 2007


Plaza de la República, Buenos Aires

Republic Square, Buenos Aires

Olympus PEN EE2, half frame, TMAX400 HC110

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Abraham Lincoln dijo...

Interesting composition. I like black and white too.

Strangetastes dijo...

More good work, although it's hard to get a good view of the photo on the right that's turned 90 degrees.

Everyone who goes to BsAs has to take pictures of the Obelisco but I found it hard to shoot. It's so tall and so plain, sittng by itself in the middle of the world's widest boulevard but with lots of clutter behind it. Shooting it on a wet night in B&W is a great idea. Again, Ale, your subject is not so much the Obelisco itself but the play of light and dark, glare and shadow in the center of your great city.

I have a B&W shot of my local monument in today's post.


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ale dijo...

Thank you very much for visiting my blog.
I left the two photos together as they came from the negative. The Olympus Pen is a half frame camera and took 72 pictures per roll. When scanned they came in pairs. It is funny to discover the match of two pictures.
I will shoot all frames verticaly so you don´t need to bend yourself to see the them ;-)
I love your Saint Louis blog. The arch iss one of the thng I want to know since I saw it in NatGeo documentary. Is it still open to the public?

Leena dijo...

Funny, that I just found your blog, when I put my ancient camera in today`s post.
You have an interesting blog here!

Strangetastes dijo...

Ale - thank you for your explanation. Since I only shoot digital, I did not understand your process.

As you can tell, I an fascinated by the Arch. I can see the southern half of it from my office window, just in front of the Mississippi River. There is an interesting museum of American westward expansion underneath it and, yes, you can ride to the top. There is a link to the Arch's web site on my blog's home page. That should show you how the little train works.